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Therapy Agency Marketing: Using "About Us"

Dr Jarod Carter PT

How to Convert Visitors into Patients with your Website’s ABOUT Page

Today's post is borrowed from another great blog, DrJarodCarter.com, and discusses a good technique to help with therapy agency marketing. Dr Jarod Carter points out that the "About Us" page on a therapy agency's web site will likely be one of the most viewed, and offers the following advice for making sure that it converts eyeballs to customers more reliably. 
"In a world where the vast majority of people do online searches and visit a company’s website before deciding to do business with them, it is critical  that your site converts visitors into patients; and the About page, with all its traffic, is a key place to do exactly that," opens Dr. Carter.
The biggest mistake that therapy agencies make on their About page is assuming that the page is about them-- the agency. Potential patients are not interested in hearing YOU talk about YOU -- they are interested in how YOU solve their problems. How can you help THEM?
In other words, "they need to know that you have an effective solution to their pain, and that you can get them doing the things they want and love to do again," says Carter. 
He goes on to explain, "You basically have to convey to them, if you are in pain/injured, you are in the right place. We have a solution for you, and if you come to this clinic, your pain will not always hinder you from doing the things you need/want to do.”
After you have related to THEIR problem or discomfort and established that connection, you can then tell them something about your practice to establish your credibility. This is where you get to brag about your experience and credentials. This is also a good point to tell them about any specialties of your practice, if you have any.
Finally, you always want to offer what is known as a "call to action." This might be as simple as providing your contact information and asking them to call you. Preferrably, the tools you use to manage your web site allow you to create "call to action buttons" - essentially, this is a live link to a page where they can provide you with some information. This is an call to action button that Ankota uses to link therapy agencies to a page where they can request a free demo or product information and ask us to contact them. You've probably seen this type of thing before, but feel free to click it and see how it works. And, of course, if you need software to help you manage your therapy business, please DO ask us to contact you!
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