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New Report Shows Population Health Management Reduces Risk and Costs

HIN Network

Population Health Management Reduces Risk and Spend Across Care Continuum

You'll see below the very useful infographic from Healthcare Intelligence Network, which is exerpted from the 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks study on Population Health Management. You can download a free summary of the report below. You can also download or embed the infographic on your own web site using the same link.

The Healthcare Intelligence Network is a great source of healthcare business information online. Healthcare's rapid shift to more value-based models is increasingly driving more population-centric approaches to health care, and HIN does a good job reporting on it.

To control costs and improve results, healthcare organizations and employers are turning to population health management, defined in the report as "the management of integration and outcome measurements of any program affecting the health and productivity of a specific population or group." The population health management infographic is excerpted from this report titled 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Population Health Management.

Ankota provides technology solutions to help providers across the entire continuum -- Hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Primary Care Physicians and Post Acute Care Providers -- to better manage the health of populations who are at risk. Click on the blue button to see how we can help you better manage and scale care delivery.

Manage Population Health Models with software from Ankota

PHM Infographic




Manage Population Health Models with software from Ankota


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