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Physical Therapy Virtual Conferences Provide CEUs

Physical Therapy is important not only for Ankota, but for the future of healthcare overall. It is widely documented that physical, ocupational and speech therapies help patients recover from injuries and surgeries better, helps them maintain bettter fitness with fewer injuries as they age, and so on. The value is undispusted and the trend among payers is to utilize therapies earlier and more often. This is particularly true in programs that are intended to reduce avoidable readmissions, which often fall under models such as Care Transitions initiatives and Accountable Care models. 

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

The 44th McMillan Lecturer Roger M. Nelson Discusses value, entrepreneurship and more at the APTA annual conference.

Also, many readers of this blog and many of our customers are agencies that provide physical and occupational therap in homes and other residences such as assisted living facilities and SNFs. Each year, many therapists converge on the annual APTA conference, but each year many more are unable to attend. Fortunately for all, the APTA now archives many of the presentations and provides them on demand through a "virtual conference" on their web site. You can even earn CEUs through the virtual conference.

Why does Ankota focus so much on the physical therapy businesses? There are two simple reasons:

1) Most therapy agencies are very inefficient and can substantially improve profitability by using Ankota's technology. By documenting notes at the point of care using tablets, and automating tasks like scheduling, payroll, and billing, agencies can serve more  customers save several hundred dollars per therapist per month. This cost savings improves the bottom line immediately.

2) The second reason Ankota loves therapy is that it is in the heart of emerging care coordinationn models. Therapy agencies almost always get their business through professional referrals, from home health agencies, primary care physicians, and discharge planners. Increasingly, therapy agencies play important roles in Care Coordination programs and Care Transitions Initiatives. Because Care Coordination is at the heart of what we do, post acute poviders such as therapists that are in these models are especially attractive to Ankota.

Makes sense, right? Of course it does!

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies


The 18th Maley Lecturer Kornelia Kulig, PT discusses the training & educating of future physical therapists and more

Learn more and enjoy the APTA virtual conferences by clicking here 

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