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Can Robots Supplement Home Care Caregivers?

According to this article, the Japanese government is aggressively investing in the development of robots that can aide with care for the elderly.  If you're like me, your initial reactions are likely to be thoughts that robots can never replace people and that human touch and caring are the keys to successful care.  Although this is likely to be correct, we are also facing a serious shortage of caregivers, as seen in the following two graphs from AARP depicting our aging population and the associated declining caregiver pool.



Adding Automation and Robots to Offload Caregivers is a Necessity

Looking at the graphics above, it becomes clear that providing more care with less caregivers is not a choice, but a necessity.  The Japan story about investing in robots for elder care seems to be reasonable in the tasks that they're looking to automate, as follows:

  • Walking

  • Shopping

  • Waste Disposal

  • Lifting

  • Bathing

  • Monitoring

Despite the investment, the article reports that the early results are not great and that a lot of the robots are too big or too expensive. 

A Positive and Incremental Step Towards Robots

Ankota has partnered with a new company called Triple Aim Technologies who have developed a patient monitoring technology that doesn't use robots, but instead uses automated phone calls that check in with at risk elderly consumers in between home care or certified home health visits and alert the agency if their responses indicate concern.  This isn't a robot in any way, but it does show how technology can be used to cut back on face to face visits while caring for a large population census. 

If interested, we're offering a free whitepaper entitled How Home Care can Win under the new Care Model.  This paper talks about how it will be necessary to provide more care with less face-to-face visits and how technologies like the Triple Aim solution can help.

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Ankota Home Care Triple Aim White Paper

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