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Home Care Owners Can Use News Feeds and LinkedIn Pulse to Keep from Falling Behind

I'm often asked how I find the content for our Ankota Blog articles and how I'm always aware of the latest things going in in home care, payment reform, and technology.  One of the ways that I'm able to keep up is via News Feeds.  The tricky part, however, is to choose feeds that are interesting to you, your agency, and your audience.  There are a lot of feeds out there, so if you're not careful you'll get overwhelmed and you won't have time to read any of the content, so choose wisely!

A few of the news feeds that I subscribe to, are as follows:

I also follow a couple of other feeds that are not related to home care, as follows:

  • SmartBrief: I follow for briefs on technology and entrepreneurship

  • LinkedIn Pulse: a service from LinkedIn that pushes content from your network and influencers

An Example from LinkedIn Pulse:


Here's a news feed that I received from LinkedIn Pulse, and what I did with it:

  • Hillary Clinton: Glanced at her ideas on jump-starting more small businesses

  • Sramana Mitra: Looked into what she had to say about funding companies smartly

  • John Hargrave: He described how a couple made their wedding all about the guests and how you should make your business all about the customers.  Great story!

  • Jeff Haden: I read both of his articles.  One was about making small talk and the other was about how to deal with overcommitment by using the two words "I don't" as opposed to "I can't"

  • Ann Handley: talked about thinking at 22 it was all about coming up to speed, becoming an expert, and then coasting...and how wrong that turned out to be

  • Bruce Kassanoff: encouraged people to answer the question "what do you do?" with what you aspire to do...He then talks about how it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy

Glancing at all of those articles took me less than 10 minutes and helped inspire me to think differently on some important topics.

Bottom line: choose a few news feeds that inspire you, and read them.

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