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Ankota for Private Duty Home Care

Private Duty / Home Health Aids

Home Care is one of the fastest growing and most important services to assure patient safety and well-being. As patients age or transition from hospital to home, home care has been proven to help people live at home longer, more successfully, and with fewer incidents that lead to needless hospital admissions.

 Ankota technology gives you command and control over your operations, from electronic referral management, scheduling and assigning caregivers, tracking arrival and departures, point of care documentation, and communications with family members and other providers. Multiple interfaces assure that the right tools are in clinicians’ hands at all times, including telephony (IVR), mobile smart phone and tablets like the iPad and Android devices.   

Private Duty Software Demo

Key features:

  • Scheduling, care plans, vital signs, and work checklists are available via telephony (IVR), on smart phones and iPad and Android tablets.
  • Care Coordination that is absolutely without a doubt the best-in-class, making your agency a valued partner in reducing hospitalizations. This is your entry to Accountable Care and Care Transitions models with the best referral sources. 
  • Arrival and departure status, visit time, driving time and miles (even errand miles), care plan completion, even vital signs or full reporting are available in real-time.
  • Alerts for late arrivals or finish time with notifications in the scheduling board. You will also be alerted if a call is scheduled outside of the committed appointment window.
  • Policies can be set at the group or individual level to indicate items you wish to be escalated for review upon completion of visits. Items may include care details (such as vital sign readings) or timesheet concerns (such as unexpected mileage, drive time or work time).
  • Easy-to-use scheduling lets you set up care quickly and easily, so you only have to intervene for exceptions like vacations and call-outs.
  • Easy integration to finance and payroll systems. Integrates with most 3rd party payroll and billing systems such as Quickbooks and ADP.
  • Flexible configuration to meet the individual needs of your agency. Go live in less than one month.
  • Flexible pricing models to suit agencies of all sizes. Available via low monthly or quarterly subscription.


7 Habits of Highly-Effective Home Care Agencies

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