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    Ankota's Vision and Innovation Strategy

    Learning from the Past:

    When I was a child, my mom took me to get a bank account.  I had a paper "pass book" for my savings account, and when I got some money or needed some money, I would go to the bank to deposit or withdraw it.  Today I can make deposit checks from my cell phone, withdraw money in any currency at any ATM around the world and pay my bills from my computer.  Healthcare is postured for a similar transformation...

    Transforming Healthcare: Better Outcomes and Lower Cost

    Ankota's core belief is that every avoided hospitalization is a win.  Hospitalizations are the most expensive form of care.  They require patients to travel to an uncomfortable environment with increased chance of infections and to leave behind their comfortable surroundings.  Five percent of the population accounts for close to half of the health care costs in the US and many hospitalizations can be avoided by making sure that patients fill their prescriptions, take their meds, receive rehabilitative therapies and are safe, comfortable and well nourished in their home.  Focusing on the 5% will increase quality of life, reduce health care costs, and create jobs.

    Ankota Enables a Team of Care Providers to PLAN, COORDINATE and DELIVER Care

    Healthcare requires multiple people and skills to coordinate with patients, their loved ones and their caregivers.  We refer to this group as the Healthcare Ecosystem.  Ankota has software to help them Plan, Coordinate and Deliver Care 

    Care Delivery, Care Transition, Care Coordination

    Ankota has innovated to provide the software needed for this care delivery model.  Key Innovations include the following:

    • Software to allow multiple companies (over 1,400 to date) to coordinate care in a HIPAA compliant way.
    • Access from almost anywhere on almost any device
    • Clinical notes on iPad and Android devices plus traditional PC tablets enabling on-line offline access with no software to install
    • Caregiver coordination via Voice Response (Telephony) and Smart phones
    • A flexible delivery model that enables solutions for numerous delivery models and the emerging care transition models of the future.
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