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Posted by Ken Accardi

Sep 10, 2009 11:16:00 AM

Innovative technology cuts operating expenses and improves scheduling, coordination of care, and care planning

The healthcare debate drags on,


Savings often exceed $1000 per worker per month for Home Health Agencies, Home Medical Equipment (HME) & Respiratory Therapy (RT) Companies.

"We're not just talking about solutions...we're delivering them now."

--Will Hicklen, CEO & co-founder

Baltimore, MD: Debates continue in Washington and around the country, while the companies that deliver the care, equipment and supplies to patients in their homes are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs now and improve productivity.

Technology for managing the process of delivering care has lagged, even with significant advances in areas such as electronic medical records (EMR). The challenge of scheduling and coordinating the people, equipment and supplies is especially challenging. Healthcare workers are skilled and dedicated to their jobs but they are burdened by a system that forces them to spend time doing other, unproductive things. "Every day, we meet with people who are forced to waste time managing schedules, planning their driving routes, and planning next steps for patients. Further, care management is not well does not leave well established protocols and companies are unable to measure and improve these processes.

To address this growing problem, Ankota has introduced "Healthcare Delivery Management" (HDM), a process-driven model to coordinate the people and resources required to effect high quality, efficient care in the home.

Home care and HME companies are typically able to cut costs by as much as $1000 or more per worker, per month using Ankota HDM. These new efficiencies allow home health care companies to increase their capacity to care for patients by 20-30% while using the same resources.

"These problems have been solved in other industries," adds Hicklen. Indeed, company founders leverage deep experience with Lean Six Sigma, supply chain management and workforce mobility, as well as an impressive pedigree in medicine.

Ankota's Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM) technology includes home care scheduling software and paperless work reporting that aids with home care compliance. With the release of its product, Ankota is implementing a multi-tiered strategy to improve the management of care, which includes advanced scheduling, GPS routing, mobile handheld and telephony (IVR) work tracking, plus care management. Ankota's technology is deployed via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and is available by subscription. Simple, affordable, and easy to implement.

"We hear the health care debates and listen to arguments," says Hicklen, "but we're focused on solving problems today. This improves the businesses involved in home care, and ultimately, assures better care for patients."

He should know.

Ankota was born out of love and loss. Founder and CEO Will Hicklen and his teenage daughters, Haley and Hannah, saw their world change last July when their wife and mother Sandy Hicklen died of cancer at the age of 44. Will, a successful software industry entrepreneur, and his close friend Dr. Hunter Young, a physician at Johns Hopkins, saw through Sandy's fight the opportunity to dramatically change the lives of patients and those who care for them.

One year after Sandy's death, Will and Hunter launched Ankota (www.Ankota.com), the pioneering company in the field of Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM).

"My family has lived the health care debate," Hicklen said. "When people are sick they don't want to hear a policy debate. They want answers and solutions. They want to live comfortably and productively at home as long as they can. And they want their providers to move with appropriate care and efficiency so that they can continue to live their lives. That's what we're giving them."

About Ankota

Ankota is the pioneering company in the field of Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM). Ankota provides Home Care Software Solutions delivered via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that improves efficiency and compliance. All Ankota solutions are designed with inputs from the home care community with the goal to provide better patient care in a provider-friendly manner. For more information, please visit www.ankota.com.

With the aging of the baby boomers, the population of people age 65 and over is on track to triple by 2030, outlining a clear need for improvements in productivity. Nursing staff shortages and expensive fuel costs are further driving the need for operating efficiency.