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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (January 18, 2010) -  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.2 million people are currently employed in the Private Duty Home Health Care market and it is expected to add more than 400,000 jobs over the next ten years.  One of the major challenges facing these professionals is the lack of a comprehensive software solution that can cost effectively and efficiently address the specific needs of their industry.   Ankota, Inc. now provides a specific management system for this segment of the healthcare industry and they will be unveiling it at the 5th Annual Private Duty Home Care Leadership Summit and Expo taking place January 24-26 in Phoenix.  (They will be located at booth 21 at the conference.)

"Private Duty companies have been technology-starved for many years and we wanted to help them improve their systems and therefore improve their patient care ," says Ankota CEO and co-founder Will Hicklen. "Our packaging and pricing is suitable for both full and part time staff, with simple or complex needs, and addresses the Private Duty market with a scalable, easy to use solution that offers immediate return on investment." The package includes:

  • Comprehensive Care Planning
  • Scheduling and Resource Optimization
  • Telephony & Mobile Resource Tracking
  • Real-time escalation of Care Concerns
  • Work Tracking & Reporting
  • A Virtual Logbook for Distant Family Members
  • Billing

Hicklen added, "To thrive in this growing market, the companies with the tools to deliver operational excellence will be the ones who win. Every company we talk to is concerned about their ability to grow profitability, and we can help that immediately."

According to Bill Dombi, Esq., Vice President of Legal Affairs of the National Association for Home Care and Hospice and Director for the Center for Health Care Law in Washington, DC, "We are in a new environment that demands companies become more efficient and coordinate care better, with increasing levels of accountability.  We are excited about the emergence of new technologies to improve productivity in our industry and pleased to welcome Ankota to the 5th Annual Private Duty Home Care Leadership Summit & Expo."

About Ankota: Ankota is the pioneering company in the field of Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM), focused on improving the quality and efficiency of health care outside of the hospital. HDM is a process-centric, technology-enabled approach to managing the "delivery model," automating complex scheduling requirements and optimizing scarce resources such as people, time, equipment, and supplies.

Ankota's Private Duty offering adds to the company's suite of solutions that help companies plan, coordinate and deliver care outside of the hospital setting. Ankota's HDM suite already serves Home Health, Medical Equipment (HME/DME), Respiratory Therapy (RT) and Infusion. HDM solutions are integrated, scalable for small to large businesses, and available via subscription.

Founded in 2008, Ankota, Inc. is based in Baltimore, Maryland with offices in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Minneapolis. For more information please go to http://ankota.com/

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