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The news article below was released by Ankota customer Chesapeake Medical Staffing, who are using Ankota's Private Duty Agency software to expand their business.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (April 20, 2010) -  In today's challenging climate, with hospitals less busy than in past years and with labor more abundant due to the recession, the focus is clearly on ways to cut costs.  This trend creates a unique situation for companies such as Chesapeake Medical Staffing because the demand for outsourcing in the hospital sector has decreased yet the need for expert medical help has not.  Chesapeake Medical Staffing announced today that they will be significantly expanding their business into the home care and private duty sectors.

Chesapeake Medical Staffing

"We must be able to reinvent ourselves and meet the new needs of the changing healthcare industry, so that we remain relevant and necessary.  In order to move forward and find new markets for our business, we have made a decision to expand into the home care and private duty sectors, which will be booming in the coming years," said Terri Weller, President and Chief Clinical Officer.  She added," We already have highly trained nurses, many of whom are experts in acute care, so they can easily transfer into the home care setting."

Chesapeake Medical Staffing currently has technology and software that works effectively for hospital staffing, but with this expansion, needed specific technology that will address home care and private duty.  Creating new technology can be costly and take time to develop so Chesapeake Medical Staffing conducted research and found Ankota, Inc., a national company offering Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM) that could be implemented right away because it is Software-as-a-Service.

"In this competitive market, many companies are seeking much needed technology to help them save money and be more profitable.  We are able to help immediately.  Ankota helps with care planning, scheduling, resource optimization, resource tracking with multiple devices including mobile phones,  In addition, Ankota allows for real-time escalation of care concerns, tracking and paperless reporting "says Ankota CEO and co-founder, Will Hicklen. "It's a great partnership and allows us to help our clients achieve their ultimate mission, better patient care."

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