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NTOCC Webinar: Optimizing Patient Care Transitions

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Webinar: Optimizing Patient Care Transitions - Technology Trends & Innovation

Wednesday, November 13, Noon - 12:45pm EST

Join NTOCC's Health IT Innovations Task Force for a complimentary webinar as we examine trends in technology and enable you anticipate how these innovations will accelerate Transitions of Care (TOC) initiatives.

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Technology is one of the hottest and most asked about topics among NTOCC's Seven Essential Elements of Care Transitions; its usage will either enable efficient, scalable TOC programs or prevent them from being successful.  The pace of change in this area is tremendous; join us to explore trends and the emergence of health care "ecosystems."

Leaders from the NTOCC community will present these topics, including: 

Cheri Lattimer, Executive Director, NTOCC
Will Hicklen, CEO, Ankota
Matt Tanzer, CCO, RightCare Solution


Learn More About How Ankota Technology Is Used to Manage Care Transitions


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