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Scheduling is at the heart of home care agency management. The best in home care scheduling software is simple, visual and calendar-based. Most caregiver scheduling follows repeated weekly patterns but in other circumstances, self-scheduling is appropriate. Home healthcare scheduling software helps with the tougher challenges like filling open caregiver shifts, scheduling assessments and optimizing schedules to minimize travel. This is a critical part of a comprehensive home care software solution.

Basic Home Care Scheduling

The most basic and simple home care scheduling approach is to set up recurring weekly patterns of care. For example, if Jasmine sees Mrs. Johnson on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, you click on the calendar on their first day (e.g. Monday), enter the times, click the other days (Wednesday and Friday) and save that as the pattern.

  • Calendar based
  • Repeated Shifts
  • No need to reschedule by week or month
Consumer Directed Services

If you deliver consumer directed services, your scheduling software should let you assign caregivers to the consumer and create visits when they clock in. This gives the consumer control over the schedule, while you as the agency owner can provide oversight. 

  • Assigned Caregivers
  • Self-directed by the consumer
  • Agency Administers the program
Appointment Scheduling

Another home care scheduling model is appointment booking. This is often used for assessments, and occasional specialty visits such as case management or phlebotomy. Your software needs to propose specific available time slots to the consumer.

  • Time Slots
  • Skill and capacity based
  • Appointment Booking
Advanced Scheduling

The best home care scheduling software has powerful scheduling features for filling open shifts, scheduling periodic assessments and case management visits, and optimizing routes in order to minimize driving time and maximize the time for care

  • Case Management Scheduling
  • Route Optimization
  • Quarterly or Annual scheduling

How home care scheduling software works