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Work with Ankota Healthcare Delivery Software

Interested in Partnering With the Pioneer in Healthcare Delivery Management?

Today’s market demands that providers of post acute care services become highly efficient and perform at a high level while continuing to improve care, learning to coordinate with other providers and reducing avoidable readmissions.

Ankota partners with:

  • Software Companies – to deliver combined, superior technology solutions.

  • Resellers and Systems Integrators – to sell & deliver integrated solutions.

  • Telehealth and Home Monitoring Companies – to leverage remote technologies and coordinate with traditional post acute care practices and staff, lowering the overall cost of care and improving outcomes. 

  • And Other Like-Minded Organizations – to pioneer healthcare delivery models requiring complex coordination of care.

If you are interested in furthering Ankota's vision of a highly efficient, coordinated ecosystem that improves outcomes and reduces overall costs, please fill out the form below and let's get the ball rolling. 

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