Working with Ankota


Ankota's goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do work with us.  Here's what you will experience:

  • The Discovery Process: We meet most of our customers through our website and via referrals.  When you fill out a form like "contact Ankota" we'll respond via email or phone and set up a call to learn more about your organization and your needs.  If we can help, we'll outline solutions that we can provide and how we would work together.
  • Training and Configuration: If your needs fit one of our solutions, then we will work with you on a configuration and training plan.  The time to go live varies based on the complexity of your environment and your ability to provide information (like patient/client and caregiver data).
  • Customization and Process Development: If your neds are unique, we may need to do some development to meet your needs such as automating your clinical notes, or customizing reports and work flows.
  • Support: Once you are live, Ankota provides ongoing support.  The support team can also initiate the process if enhancements or additional training are needed.

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