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about us

Mission: Improving Home Care

Ankota is the industry’s first Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM) solution, and its promise is to develop home healthcare technology that continually improves patient care, decreases healthcare delivery costs and improves the prospects for our aging population to live full and healthy lives in the comfort of their homes. Specific goals are as follows:

  • Reduce costs and improve home healthcare efficiency;
  • Substantially improve patient outcomes in both post-acute and long term care models;
  • Manage time and resources more effectively, allowing caregivers to care more than they coordinate.
  • This mission is achieved via Ankota's Home Care Software Solutions described throughout the site
HDM Resource Optimization
Get rid of the paper! Dramatically reduce the time it takes to plan, schedule and track HME delivery, & eliminate time consuming, manual billing/payroll processes

No More Time Sheets!

HDM Paperless Work Reporting
Process payroll and billing automatically every period. No more time sheets to collect or enter!