Selling Care Transition Services to Hospitals

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An informative and in depth White Paper that outlines the opportunity for Home Care to expand into Care Transitions

  • Care Transitions has been a hot topic in the healthcare conversation. In a nutshell, Selling_Care_Transition_Services_to_Hospitals_Cover-5many preventable adverse medical episodes occur when a patient is in transition from one setting to another, such as transitioning from hospital to home.

  • Medicare spends approximately $26 Billion per year on hospitalizations for patients who were readmitted within 30 days of a hospital discharge and conservative estimates show that half of these readmissions are avoidable. 

  • The bottom line is that care transitions are the right thing to do, but “selling” these services is tough. This paper will help.

You can also watch our short video that further outlines the opportunities of a care transitions initiative!

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