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Ankota Software helps keeps your clients out of the hospital.

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Private duty home care is a service provided to the elderly in the homes who are in need of assistance with day-to-day activities. Private duty agencies need an integrated system that provides easy to use yet powerful scheduling; electronic visit verification (EVV); payroll; electronic billing claims and management.  Ankota's software increases your efficiency in managing clients, care plans, schedules, timekeeping billing and payroll.

Private Duty non-medical home care is one of the fastest growing industries world-wide. Life expectancies have risen to the high 80s on average, and our elderly have higher care needs than prior generations due to chronic illnesses. Additionally, the medical community who historically disregarded non-medical care is now realizing the value we bring by dealing with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and preventing avoidable hospitalizations.

While the above makes for an attractive and growing industry, it’s not for the faint of heart. Shortages of caregivers, increases in minimum wage, increased competition and the need for high end client and family engagement make it necessary for winning agencies to have next generation software.


Ankota’s home care software can set you apart with the following key features:

  • Customer Relationship Management for Tracking Leads and Engaging with Clients
  • Managing the full process of private duty care:
    • Client and Caregiver onboarding
    • Setting up care plans and schedules
    • Managing Billing and Pay rates
    • Scheduling Care
    • Real-time tracking of arrivals, departures and care plan compliance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV):
  • Voice Telephony
  • Mobile App
  • Fixed kiosk (e.g., tablet computer) in the home
    • Billing including 3rd party payers and long-term care insurance
    • Payroll with integration to numerous pay check systems
    • QuickBooks integration
  • Additional Features to set your agency apart:
    • Foresight Care ™ for connecting with clients in between visits
    • FamilyConnect ™ portal for engaging loved ones
    • Nursing Assessments on tablet computers
    • Ability to participate in managed care programs so that you can accept referrals from Medicaid and insurance programs

In today’s competitive environment private duty agencies need to be focused on keeping clients out of the hospital and securing contracts with managed care organizations.  The growth of your private duty agency will severely limited if you are not securing managed care members or offering unique services.

It also includes our optional Foresight care, a technology that monitors your clients and helps avoid preventable hospitalizations. A definite competitive advantage.