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Case Management Service Delivery

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New models of population health management are emerging where health systems and payers are recognizing that the overall health of populations requires attention to their non-medical needs including hygiene, diet, ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and social needs like companion care and respite for family caregivers. Despite this increased understanding, most population health programs are only able to focus care on the neediest 5% or less of the elderly and at-risk population. A successful future will require agencies to affordably meet the care needs of large populations.


Ankota’s case management delivery capabilities enable population health in the home, with the following rich set of features:

  • Remote monitoring of all population members without requiring telehealth equipment
  • Planned and exception based care delivered by non-medical and medical staff out of call centers
  • Home Care management including in-home care scheduling, care planning, time keeping with electronic visit verification (EVV), and full billing and payroll including EDI billing
  • Skilled care management for Nurses, Therapists, Social workers, Geriatric Care Managers, and others including route optimization

Managed care program management for MCOs and providers