EVV Integration to Your Current System

If you need to add EVV to your home grown or another vendor system, we can help

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Is Required for Billing Home Services to Medicaid

If you deliver services that are paid for by Medicaid, you need to comply with the EVV mandate in the 21st Century Cures Act. If you have a beloved system for managing your home care home health or Long-Term-Services-and-Supports (LTSS) for older or disabled folks, you either need a new system or a way to connect your existing system to an EVV partner.  Ankota would like to be your EVV partner.

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EVV Integration Models

Ankota can integrate with your existing system in a number of ways, as follows:

  • Home Health: Nurses, Therapists and CNAs will document their visit notes in their home health EMR, but they'll use the Ankota app to clock-in and out of their Medicaid visits. Ankota will verify EVV compliance and forward the visits to the aggregator.
  • Home Health System without a mobile app: For a business with a scheduling system but NOT a mobile app, clients, caregivers and staff will be sync'd with the Ankota API (or a customer interface), Then the caregivers will clock in and out using the Ankota app or telephony, then visits will be reviewed and submitted by Ankota.
  • Home Health System with a Mobile App and/or Telephony: If the customer's system has the ability to collect EVV attributes (exact times and locations), Ankota will receive the completed visit information, perform EVV checks and submit to the aggregator(s).
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