Public API

Integrate Ankota with your other best-of-breed applications like Applicant Tracking, Lead Capture, CRM, and more

Connect Your Other Applications to Ankota

Many leading home care and day services agencies  have adopted a best-of-breed systems strategy where you have chosen Ankota for home care or day services management, and other system for HR (like BambooHR, Viventium or Paylocity) or CRM (like or Hubspot). 

If you'd like to connect your best-of-breed systems to Ankota, you're in luck! Checkout Ankota's PublicAPI.

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What Can I integrate with the Ankota Public API?

Software companies use APIs for connecting with other systems. In most cases, APIs are used to push data into a system. Here are the types of data that you can push into Ankota via the API.

  • Lead capture (like new prospective clients or caregivers who come to your website)
  • CRM: Sync prospects, their contacts, and referral sources from CRM systems
  • HR and Applicant Tracking: Push candidates and hired employees into Ankota
  • Home Health EMRs or Home Grown Systems: Push clients, caregivers, and visits into Ankota from your EMR

If you need Ankota to push information into another system, contact Ankota Support. Here are some of the types of systems Ankota can send information to:

  • Accounting Systems like Quickbooks
  • Payroll Systems
  • Employee Reward Systems
  • Background Check Requests
  • More (please inquire)
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