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Software for Care Transition: "Come back soon" is the last thing someone wants to hear when they get out of the hospital, but too often, they are released with unclear or difficult to follow postoperative care orders, so they end up back where they started. These avoidable readmissions can be eliminated through coordinated care transition protocols and remote patient monitoring (at no additional cost)

Ankota provides software that allows you to plan for a successful transition prior to discharge, coordinate the activities to ensure transition to a safe home with the required meds and DME, and deliver follow-up assessments via phone or in person until the transition period is complete.  

Plus, Ankota also monitors your patients when you're not visiting them and alerts you when there are issues - at no additional cost!

If your business delivers care outside of a medical setting, you can easily expand to offer care transitions services to your home base. Increase your billables while helping the community.



 Key Features
  • Accept referrals

  • Configure care plans

  • Manage the transition team

  • Track progress in real-time

  • Take notes on your iPad or Android devices

  • Communicate with the family

  • Include 3rd party care providers

  • Maintain HIPAA compliance, and

  • Avoid Preventable Hospitalizations even when you're not there!


Key Benefits
  • Hospitals win by reducing readmissions and avoiding penalties

  • Home Health and Home Care Agencies win more referrals, add revenue and win bundled payment contracts

  • Patients win with better outcomes

  • The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means that you don't have software to manage, updates to install, or commit to expensive up-front costs


The demand is already here.  With Ankota, you can confidently manage a Care Transitions practice within your hospital or Home Care Agency.  You can even run your own company providing Care Transitions services exclusively - Hospitals are eager to find providers with whom to partner. 

They count on you, so you can count on us.

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