CRM for Home Care Sales Management

Convert more leads to paying customers with a transparent sales process

Track Home Care Marketer Activities to Convert More Leads Into Clients

Some marketers seem to have magical skills and close deals left and right, but the best sales teams follow a process. Ankota's home care CRM system tracks lead sources, prospective clients, contacts, sales activities, wins, losses, and "not-ready-yet" opportunities so that you can optimize your chance to close deals.


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Key CRM Features:

The Ankota CRM solution offers the following features:

  • Enter prospects, referral sources and contacts and the key information you need to meet the family's needs
  • Sync with Gmail or Outlook to automatically associate emails with deals and use AI-assisted email writing to craft perfect messages.
  • Set goals and track progress with management dashboards and leaderboards.
  • When prospects convert to clients, they're ready to schedule in your Ankota system.
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