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Caregiver Retention and Why it Matters (with Steve the Hurricane and Nancy Muckle)

By | on 14, Jan 2021 |

Steve "the Hurricane" Weiss shares great tips on caregiver retention. He starts with some very basic and actionable suggestions like adjusting your attitude to love your caregivers, speaking in the la[...]

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New Source of Revenue Helping Veterans (with guest Cheryl Hammons)

By | on 13, Jan 2021 |

A subset of veterans are entitled to paid home care from the VA, but it's hard to qualify and hard to sustain benefits. This is where Veterans Care Coordination (VCC) comes in. Today's guest, Cheryl H[...]

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Success Tips with Youtube's Top Home Care Influencer - Karl Pierre

By | on 13, Jan 2021 |

With 33,000 followers, Karl Pierre is arguably the top home care influencer on Youtube. He started in home care at age 14 when he was "the computer guy" for his mother's home care agency.

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Starting 2021 Right (with guests Steve the Hurricane and Ginny Kenyon)

By | on 11, Jan 2021 |

This inaugural episode of the home care heroes podcast features two of the industry's best and brightest, Steve "the Hurricane" Weiss and GInny Kenyon, who give their best advice on how to get your ag[...]

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