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Achieving Balance in Home Care Management [with Becky Reel, Executive Director of For Papa's Sake Home Care]

Today's episode focuses on the critically important topic of Achieving Balance in managing your home care agency.  Our guest, Becky Reel is the Executive Director of For Papa's Sake Home Care, an agency that she created to honor her grandfather. Becky reflects back on a time when her life was out of balance and running her agency was creating anxiety for her and putting stress on her most important relationships.  Not only has she overcome these challenges, her agency was chosen as the Top Agency of 2022 by Home Care Pulse.

For Becky, achieving balance made all the difference. This talk covers the following critical topics:

  • Why talk about balance?
  • How to set boundaries and stick to them
  • It's OK to say no
  • Hiring right and setting expectations
    (also how to "hire" the right clients)
  • Two great books by Starbucks founder Howard Shultz

Links to the two books are as follows:

Becky kindly offered to help agency owners and welcomes you to reach her via email at becky@forpapassake.com.


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