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Adapting Your Home Care Agency for the Future with guest Melissa Bagley

Today's guest is Melissa Bagley, one of the astounding home care coaches from Steve the Hurricane's team. It was great to chat with her to discuss the topic of Adapting Your Home Care Agency for the Future.

Interestingly, we start with Melissa sharing that the Hurricane organization is adapting as well. They've historically been known as the experts in Home Care Marketing, but now they've expanded their scope to include coaching in marketing, sales,  caregiver recruiting and retention, growth, revenue optimization and even selling your agency. Their new brand will be called Home Care Evolution and the new website will be HomeCareEvolution.com.


The podcast covers three key topics related to Adapting your Agency, including the following:

  1. Managing by the Numbers: Tracking hours, revenue, gross margin and more
  2. Collaboration: It's  critical that all team members, regardless of their function in the organization are striving for the same goals.
  3. Thriving: Agencies that thrive have strong operational processes that pull it all together.

As a special offer, Hurricane Marketing will give you a free strategy consulting session with Melissa or one of their other amazing coaches. You can reach them on 848-444-9865 or at HomeCareMarketing.net (soon to be HomeCarEvolution.com).

Home Care Heroes is produced and sponsored by Ankota - the Software for the Heroes of Home Care. We truly embrace the notion that caregivers and home care companies are heroes. Our top priorities are simplicity, caregiver retention and outstanding service. Visit us at https://www.ankota.com.

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