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Blending Private Pay and Medicaid Clients (with Latoya Thompson)

Today's guest, Latoya Thompson, grew up in a "healthcare family" with relatives who are nurses, CNAs and Aides. When Latoya's grandmother needed care, she couldn't find a provider with the standard of quality that she was looking for, so she started her own. One interesting aspect of Latoya's agency is that she has a blend of private pay and Medicaid clients and in fact she has two trending videos on YouTube, one about getting private pay clients, and the other about how the Missouri Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program works.



Latoya studied the interesting combination of social work and fashion and she considers her self to be a multi-preneur with ventures in home care, consulting and fashion. 

LaToya provides consulting services to home care agencies and other entrepreneurs. To connect with Latoya, go to www.latoyaelnora.com.

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