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Building Your Home Care Agency to Run Without You with guest Gregg Mazza


Gregg Mazza is one of the top home care growth coaches in the industry, and he got there the hard way. Gregg started an agency and like many, he struggled early on. He was spending too much time and not succeeding and this was putting stress on his well-being and relationships. Happily, he figured it out and now he helps others to do the same.

In this episode, Gregg outlines the framework for building an agency that can run without it's founder, as follows:

  • Getting the right foundation in place (Positioning, Goals, Key Measurements, the Right Team, and Culture)
  • Two Primary Drivers - Recruiting/Retention and Growing your Client Base
  • Leverage - working with partners


Gregg is quick to point out that it's hard and that you need to celebrate incremental wins, but that when small improvements are made throughout the organization, that the overall gains are "greater than the sum of their parts."

A great way to connect with Gregg is to go to his website, www.homecarebreakthrough.com and search for the free resources.
ou can sign up for email updates and join a Facebook Community of your peers. You can also call 813-785-3851 or email gregg@homecarebreakthrough.com.

Here's the video version of the podcast if you prefer to view via Youtube:


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