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EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) Behind the scenes: Present & Future with Brad Levine from Netsmart

The home care industry has been doing electronic clock-ins and clock-outs for a long time, initially with voice telephony and now mostly with a GPS mobile app. But a new TLA (three letter acronym) has popped up in the past few years. That acronym is EVV (Electronic Visit Verification). This is now the official name because it's part of the law, and specifically the 21st century cures act. 

In a nutshell, the EVV mandate in the 21st century cures act says that caregiving services reimbursed by government payers (mostly Medicaid and VA) need to electronically capture their arrival time, departure time, caregiver identification, service type and location. If you've been doing electronic clock-ins and clock-outs for years, you might be wondering what's different about EVV. A big part of it is that you need to share the information with the state, via an EVV aggregator.


Today's guest Brad Levine started a company called Tellus that has been awarded EVV aggregator contracts in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Nebraska and Georgia. Tellus has now been merged into Netsmart, where Brad now serves as Senior Vice President.

Since the Home Care Heroes audience has a lot of private pay agencies, the podcast starts with some explanations of how EVV works and what's happening behind the scenes, but Brad goes on to tell us about EVV 2.0 and how this technology can be used to lives. Although this topic is a bit different than the typical home care heroes episode, Brad covers a lot of our favorite topics, including growth, community and a great appreciation for caregivers.


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