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Home Care Lessons from the Life of Queen Elizabeth (featuring Jennifer Brine)

By any measure, Queen Elizabeth lived a noteworthy life. She was vibrant and influential in all but the last few months of her 96 year lifetime.  Today on Home Care Heroes, we talk about why...

Our fantastic guest is Jennifer Brine, the CEO of  ANeuFit (pronounced "A New Fit"). Jennifer is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur who helps individuals 50 and older to live richer lives by helping them increase their capacity for movement. 

Although we touch on movement, the episode covers so much more, including the following:

  • How can we show dignity and respect in the way we describe and address the clients we serve.
  • What is aging and how is it different for each person - a clear picture
  • Zooming in on the principals the result in a rich life
  • Striving for an individual's "healthspan" to match their lifespan

If you are inspired by this episode (and I know you will be), you can connect with Jen by visiting https://aneufit.com, calling 617-681-4776 or emailing info@aneufit.com.

Home Care Heroes is produced and sponsored by Ankota - the Software for the Heroes of Home Care. We truly embrace the notion that caregivers and home care companies are heroes. Our top priorities are simplicity, caregiver retention and outstanding service. Visit us at https://www.ankota.com.

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