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Mentoring is key to the success of Home Care Entrepreneurs (with Laseandia Pounds)

Laseandia Pounds has a couple of nicknames. She goes by Sean, but also goes by "Savvy Business Chick" which is her brand and website for her consulting service.



Sean didn't start out in home care or even healthcare.. Instead she "grew up" in her career working in financial services and worked with stockbrokers and similar folks. But then a family friend who ran a home care agency offered to mentor Sean to start her own agency.

Sean was a great student and grew her agency very rapidly to $3M in revenue in the first 18 months and ultimately to $5M.   Since then Sean sold her agency, became a mom and started consulting.

Another interesting item in our discussion with Sean was that she mostly focused on care for medically complex children. This put her in a great position to 1) get high revenue clients and 2) make friends (and get referrals from) the other home care agencies in her area. 

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