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Put the Client First and Match the right Caregiver (with Ophelia Cole and Barbara Gaines)

Agency owners Ophelia Cole and Barbara Gaines are also sisters,  Their interview with Sara Moore on the Home Care Heroes Community Edition is heartwarming and informative.

A central key to their success strategy is their devotion to pairing the right caregiver with the client, and to confirm the match. If the pair isn't working out well, they make a change.  As regular listeners know, the core theme of the home care heroes podcast is caregiver recruiting and retention, and this strategy from Ophelia and Barbara does just that. When a client and caregiver are well-matched the caregiver will have a strong reason to stay with your agency.

My favorite moment in the interview is Ophelia's advice for start-ups entering the home care industry. She tells them "stay out of my territory!"


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