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Using Video to Attract Clients and Caregivers to your Home Care Agency - with guest Nick Bonitatibus

Today's guest Nick Bonitatibus runs a company called The Digital Champs, which is dedicated to helping home care agencies to create content (mostly easy to make videos) that can attract both clients and caregivers to your home care agency.

Within the episode, Nick takes us through all the steps (which are easier than you think), but most importantly he tells us what clients and caregivers want to hear. The messaging is incredibly important, and it's NOT that you do med reminders and light house keeping.

Instead, it tells your home care prospects (usually the daughter of the client) how you're going to give them peace of mind, reduce their stress and have them know that their mom is receiving great care.  When it comes to caregivers, it's about giving them a sense of purpose and letting you know that your job is to get them hours and help them advance.

I met Nick when he was the master of ceremonies for the most recent "Steve the Hurricane" conference. He's a bundle of energy and you'll enjoy him immensely.

You can play the audio podcast above or click below for the video version:


To learn more, go to his site TheDigitalChamps.com.  An even greater way to start is to go to theDigitalChamps.com/social where there are free resources for you.

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