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World's First AI Virtual Care Assistant [featuring Miki Rosanis from SENSI.AI]

Today's guest, Miki Rosanis, is an Occupational Therapist working for an artificial intelligence (AI) company called SENSI.AI. They have created the world's first Virtual Care Assistant.  If you have no idea what this means, then you definitely need to check out this episode.

Sensi's technology has been specifically developed to assist home care agencies in the US. The Artificial Intelligence technology senses sounds in the care environment and provides sights to the home care agency and to the client's family. 

A few examples shared by Miki are as follows:

  • Falls can be detected via sound
  • Similarly a client can ask for help and be heard even thought they're not wearing a PERS device
  • By sensing excessive toilet use, the technology has been able to identify a Urinary Tract Infection
  • When caregivers are present, the technology can sense joyful interactions between clients and caregivers

Let's face it, few home care agencies feel like they're ready for AI, but we're probably more ready than we think. The recommendations of what to watch next on Netflix  and suggestions of the best product to buy on Amazon.com are AI. Other examples are the fingerprint and FaceID we use to get into our favorite apps and the way that gmail and Microsoft Word make suggestions on how to finish our sentences.

Agencies can use SENSI as a first step to better assess an individual's need for care and with the shortage of caregivers, SENSI can put us in a position not to have to staff shifts when the client is normally sleeping.

You can learn more about Sensi by visiting their website https://Sensi.AI.

Here's the video version of the podcast if you prefer to view via Youtube:



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