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How to Start a Home Care Agency in all 50 States

Starting a Home Care Agency

Home Care Agency

Starting a home care agency can be an extremely rewarding enterprise. Before embarking on this journey it is critical to consider the requirements and guidelines for the state you want to register in.  We have compiled a resource guide for you the get basic information and contacts to take the first leap into this wonderful journey!


Some key steps to think about when starting a non-medical home care agency:


  1.  Take into consideration training and accreditation.

    Training programs are usually not required with the exception of a few states but they are a great way to help you get your feet of the ground. Through these programs you can learn how to schedule, bill clients and market your business in the best possible light.
  2. Gather any licenses of permits.

    This depends on what state you are trying to register in. Use our curated list below to help you with your search on what is required for each state.
  3. Develop business operations which include any procedures and policies.

    These include things like billing, authorizations and service hours/rules. We recommend to use a home care management software like Ankota to help you with all of your management needs.
  4. Market your business

    Marketing is crucial to get your name out there and establish rapport in a particular area. Focus on this to ensure you can make the impact you desire in this industry!


Alabama Home Care


Arizona Home Care


California Home Care

  • Consultants/Gurus Supporting the state:


Connecticut Home Care

Connecticut Home Care

    • A home care agency is known in Connecticut as a home maker companion agency
      • Companion services mean: "...nonmedical, basic supervision services to ensure the well-being and safety of a person in such person's home."
  • Contact:


Florida Home Care

Consultants/Gurus Supporting the State:




Georgia Home Care


Consultants/Gurus Supporting the State:


  • We strongly suggest using this video as a guide to get you started on the application process. 


  • In the state of Georgia Home Care agency is called: “Private home care provider”
  • Licensing is a two part process: Submit your application and wait for approval (which takes around 6 months).
    • Upon approval you will get a provisional license which is good for 1 year and within 1 year you need to become operational by getting 2 clients and having “on site survey for regular license” { more info in link above}




Idaho Home Care


Idaho Home Care

  • This state does not need licensing



Indiana Home Care

Indiana Home Care

  • Contact 
    • Indiana State Department of Health
      Division of Acute Care
      2 North Meridian Street, 4A
      Indianapolis, IN 46204
      (317) 233-7474 (Acute Care Receptionist)
      (317) 233-1325 (ISDH Main Switchboard)




Kansas Home Care

Kansas Home Health


Kentucky Home Care

Kentucky Home Care

  • Contact 
    • Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services 
      • Phone:(502) 564-7963 
      • Mailing Address:
        275 E. Main St. 5E-A
        Frankfort, KY 40621

        Division of Health Care (OS)


Louisiana Home Care

Louisiana Home Health

  • Contact 
    • Louisiana Department of Health Program Manager 


Maryland Home Care

  • Contact 
    • Maryland Department of Health
      Herbert R. O'Conor State
      Office Building
      201 W. Preston Street
      Baltimore, MD 21201

Maryland Department of Health



Massachusetts Home Care

Home Care Massachusetts


  • Contact 
    • Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification 
      67 Forest St., Marlborough, MA 01752(617) 753-8000


Michigan Home Care

Michigan Home Care


Minnesota Home Care

Minnesota Home Care


Mississippi Home Care

  • Contact
    • Department of Health 
      Central Office Phone
      601-576-7400  (8am-5pm)
      Toll-free: 1-866-458-4948

State Department of Health


Missouri Home Care

Missouri Home Care

  • Contact 
    • Bureau of Home Care and Rehabilitative Standards
      Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
      PO Box 570
      Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570

      Phone: 573-751-6336
      Fax: 573-751-6315
      Home Health/Hospice Hotline: 800-392-0210 (to be used for filing complaints)
      Email: info@health.mo.gov


Nebraska Home Care

Nebraska Home Health

  • Contact
    • DHHS Licensure Unit

      Attn: Home Health Agencies

      PO Box 94986

      Lincoln NE 68509-4986

      (402) 471-4967


Nevada Home Care

Nevada Personal Care Agency

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Home Care

New Hampshire Home Care

  • Contact
    • https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/ 

      New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
      129 Pleasant Street | Concord, NH | 03301-3852


New Jersey

New Jersey Home Care

New Jersey Home Health

  • Contact
    • New Jersey, 1996-2020
      Department of Health
      P. O. Box 360
      Trenton, NJ 08625-0360

North Dakota

North Dakota Home Care

North Dakota Home Health

  • Contact 
    • 1-800-545-8256 Home Health Hotline 


Ohio Home Care

  • Contact
    • Ohio Department of Health
      Bureau of Regulatory Operations, HHA
      246 North High Street
      Columbus, OH 43215

      Telephone: (614) 995-7466
      Fax: (614) 564-2475

      E-mail: community@odh.ohio.gov



Oklahoma Home Care

  • Contact 
    • OSDH - Medical Facilities Service
      Home Services Division
      1000 NE 10th Street
      Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299

      Telephone: 405-271-6576
      Fax: 405-271-1141

      Email: medicalfacilities@health.ok.gov

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Carolina Home Care


South Carolina Health Facility

South Dakota

South Dakota Home Care

South Dakota Home Health

  • Contact 
    • Submit written request for information to license and/or certify specific facility type to:

      Chris Qualm, Administrator
      Office of Health Care Facilities Licensure & Certification
      615 E. 4th Street
      Pierre, SD 57501-1700


Utah Home Care

Utah Home Care

  • Contact 
    • Utah Department of Health1-888-222-2542
      Cannon Health Building
      288 North 1460 West
      Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Vermont Home Care

Vermont Home Health Agency

  • Contact
    • https://dail.vermont.gov/contact-us
    • Phone:  (802) 241-2401

      Fax:  (802) 241-0386


      Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living
      HC2 South, 280 State Drive
      Waterbury VT 05671-2020

West Virgina

West Virginia Home Care

West Virginia Home Health

  • Contact
    • West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

      Office of the Secretary
      One Davis Square, Suite 100 East
      Charleston, West Virginia 25301

      Phone: (304) 558-0684
      Fax: (304) 558-1130
      Email: DHHRSecretary@wv.gov

If you have more information on how to register in any of the states above please contact us!

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