Population Health Management Solutions

Foresight Care

Simple and Affordable Population Health Management from Ankota

Solution Overview:

  • Upload contact information for at-risk population

  • Two types of monitoring plans

    • Standard Plan applied to population: e.g., CHF, COPD, or

    • Patient Specific Plans: Identify risk factors for each patient

  • Automated Outreach:

    • Automated phone calls: from your number with live human voice

    • SMS Text Messages

    • Call center (live person) outreach

  • Manage by Exception (small percentage will present concerns)

    • Risk factors identified (e.g., CHF patient with heavy congestion)The-IHI-Triple-Aim-1

    • No response from individual

  • Your team follows up to mitigate the risks

    • Many Emergency Department visits can be mitigated with simple intervention such as med-reminder or primary care visit

  • Simple pricing:

    • Fee per population member per month starting at $2.50 but lowers with volume

    • Fee per phone call minute (10 cents) or text message (2.5 cents)