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Ankota Adds Telehealth to its Flagship Home Care App

For Immediate Release: March 16, 2021

Ankota adds Telehealth to its Flagship Home Care App

Boston, MA

Home care software vendor Ankota has added Telehealth as a standard feature to its flagship home care software suite. The telehealth component adds secure and HIPAA compliant chat and video conferencing capability in a simple interface like Facetime™ or Whatsapp™.
The primary uses for the telehealth capability are as follows:
  1. Communication between the office and the caregiver (e.g., for scheduling shifts)
  2. Supervision (for example, a caregiver can get help from a more senior caregiver when they experience a challenge in the home)
  3. Early detection: Caregivers are trained to look for "changes in condition" (mood, appetite, skin condition and others) that could lead to an emergency room visit. The telehealth component allows escalation to a nurse for an early intervention
"The top issue faced by home care agency owners is caregiver retention," explained Ankota CEO Ken Accardi, "I'm excited about the feature because it helps agencies to better communicate with their caregivers, and lack of communication is a big reason for caregiver attrition. Ankota has declared 2021 to be the year of Home Care Heroes, and anything we can do to help these heroes keep our elderly and disabled loved-ones living at home is a big plus."
The new feature is available on the Ankota Caregiver app in both the Apple and Google Play stores.
About Ankota

The mission of Ankota is to enable the heroes who care for the elderly and disabled living at home to focus on care rather than tech. Ankota's highly customizable software offers full home care agency and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) management including office management, caregiver telephony, and an offline Mobile GPS App. Ankota believes that strong collaboration between the home care community and the healthcare system is key to achieving population health. This vision drives Ankota's innovations. Learn more at www.ankota.com  


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