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Ankota declares 2021 to be the Year of Home Care Heroes

For Immediate Release: January 19, 2021

Ankota declares 2021 to be the Year of Home Care Heroes

Boston MA

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Home Care continues to keep millions of people safe. Ankota salutes the heroes who care for our elderly and disabled loved ones, and declares 2021 to be "The Year of Home Care Heroes"
The toughest challenge in home care is caregiver safety and retention. It's the key to everything, especially growth. Since it's the industry's top challenge, it's Ankota's top priority!
To kick off the year of home care heroes, Ankota is introducing the following resources:

Ankota's software priorities are simplicity and caregiver retention. By giving your caregivers an app that works every time and makes it easy for you to communicate shifts, support and encouragement, you'll stand out!

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About Ankota

The mission of Ankota is to enable the heroes who care for the elderly and disabled living at home to focus on care rather than tech . Ankota's highly customizable software offers full home care agency and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) management including office management, caregiver telephony, and an offline Mobile GPS App. Ankota believes that strong collaboration between the home care community and the healthcare system is key to achieving population health. This vision drives Ankota's innovations. Learn more at www.ankota.com  

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