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According to recent studies, home care workers travel to the moon and back—17,462 times a year. In the United States these workers drove 7.88 billion miles and made more than 718 million home care visits.  That’s over $4B in potential mileage cost or reimbursement.  The average miles per visit is approximately 10.7 miles.  Clearly managing travel miles between visits and travel time are important elements in order to control productivity, costs and quality of care. 

Here is an example of route optimization in a typical DME environment. 

After an extensive search, the home medical division of a leading university healthcare division selected Ankota in to optimize their DME program and help automate their workflow of their extensive DME operations. This entailed the development: and deployment of custom Interfaces, (e.g. to Garmin) Ankota was also engaged to develop bar code processes to ensure that the right pharma and DME was delivered to the right person at the right time. 

Project Scope

50,000 annual deliveries scheduled, tracked and managed

600,000 miles optimized annually