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August 2020: Starting a Non Medical Home Care Agency 2020 (5 Key questions you should answer)


July 2020: Marketing for Medicaid Agencies with Steve the Hurricane


October 2019: How Missouri's Federal EVV Plan affects your Agency


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"Five Affordable Home Care Offerings to Minimize Readmissions with Ken Accardi"

On Wednesday April 6, 2016

10:00AM, US Pacific
11:00AM, US Mountain
12:00PM, US Central
1:00PM, US Eastern

Starting in 2013, CMS began imposing penalties on hospitals whose readmission rates exceeded benchmarks.  Unfortunately, the initiative didn't have the desired effect, because most hospitals have chosen to pay the small penalty in exchange for the large revenue that the get for readmissions.  The next move in this chess match is a move to bundled payments, where the hospital bears the full cost of readmissions.  This might seem to make care transitions a moot point, but the reality is that successfully managing care transitions is a key to success with bundles. For now, the trick for 2016 is to offer affordable readmission avoidance programs to hospitals so that you are ready and partnered with them when the bundled programs go into effect.  This webinar will describe 5 affordable offerings for avoiding preventable hospitalizations.

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