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How Home Care Thrives in the Post-COVID World (with Steve the Hurricane)

In his 3rd appearance on the Home Care Heroes podcast, Steve "the Hurricane" Weiss takes us through some very critical topics for "post-Covid times." 



Steve takes us through a lot of important content, including the following:
  • Hit the ground running: Folks are craving face-to-face interaction. Be safe but get out their and don't let the "COVID Fog" hold you back
  • Margins: Caregivers are commanding higher rates than in the past. This is inevitable. For your private pay and long term care insurance clients you need to raise your rates for your agency to thrive.
  • Top referral sources have changed: Hospitals and Skilled Nursing are trying to minimize stays for non-COVID cases creating a larch opportunity
  • Caregiver turnover: Some "mixed news" and some great recommendations

Millionaires' Bootcamp: Steve also announced an exciting upcoming live boot camp that will be held in November. This Millionaires' Bootcamp is targeted on helping agencies grow and thrive.  To learn more click here,  but for a pro-tip leave a note with us at Ankota to see if we can get you a special discount code.

Home Care Heroes is produced and sponsored by Ankota - the Software for the Heroes of Home Care. We truly embrace the notion that caregivers and home care companies are heroes. Our top priorities are simplicity, caregiver retention and outstanding service. Visit us at https://www.ankota.com.


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