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Ankota Software for Private Duty Home Care also keeps your Clients out of the hospital.

You heard that right.  Ankota's software not only increased your efficiency in managing clients, care plans, schedules, timekeeping billing and payroll.  It also includes Foresight care, a technology that monitors your clients and helps avoid preventable hospitalizations

Let's face it, there's a lot of competition for your business and you need to differentiate.  If your agency could keep my mom out of the hospital, I'd choose you in a heartbeat. 


Solution Features
  •     Simple Client Intake including online referral pages
  •     Simple and intuitive scheduling

  •     Flexible and Robust Care Plans

  •     Tracking with Telephony (IVR) and Mobile/GPS

  •     Assign and track individualized care plans

  •     Point of care documentation

  •     Caregiver applicant portal

  •     Family mobile application
  •     Remote patient monitoring to avoid hospitalizations



Key Benefits

  • Manage a client’s progress

  • Communicate with providers and family members

  • Be ready for an audit at the touch of a button

  • The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means that you don’t have to manage software, install updates, or commit to expensive up-front costs


With demand for home care growing more every day, an agency’s reputation is key. How you manage your staff, collaborate with other providers and referral sources, and communicate with your clients and their families all have an impact on your success and profitability.  And the added bonus of avoiding preventable hospitalizations Gives your agency an edge.

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