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Missing visits?

Too many cancelled visits?

Patients calling to confirm their appointments?

Ankota Intelligent Notifications are automated reminder communications.  These include text, voice call and email reminders that keep patients informed. Informed patients are more satisficed patients.

Ankota Intelligent Notifications, support the intake process and transition from facility back to home.  Through the system we can provide one on one personal reinforcement of the discharge instructions via Individualized Plans of Care (ICP). Our system reviews the patient's personal intake and discharge instructions to ensure:

  • Pre-surgery verification and reminders
  • Post-surgery assurance that all new medications have been obtained
  • Reinforcement of activity restrictions
  • Verification of receipt of ordered durable medical equipment (DME)
  • Assurance of patient understanding of how to use their DME
  • Verification of the patient's next follow up appointments
  • Help patients feel better about their transition experience & hospitalization


The system can also deliver surveys and provide other tools that help improve outcomes, satisfaction, as well as, identify potential decreases in condition so an intervention can be determined and avoid a potential readmission to the hospital. 

The system also able to:

  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments;
  • Allow them to confirm or cancel;
  • Notify patients when the caregiver is on the way;
  • Follow up appointments to gauge satisfaction and more!


Our scripts are fully customizable and adaptable to your agency needs and situation.  For example, the system can:

  1. Confirm appointments with consumers in advance, by contacting them using outbound interactive voice response (IVR).
  2. Make an initial reminder call to consumers with automated information on why the agency is calling along with variable response options such as: “Press 1 to schedule now. Press 2 to leave a message. Or call us back at the following number to schedule.” 


After the calls or contacts are made the results can include the following:

  • Number of patients reached patient; patient confirmed
  • Number of patients reached patient; patient cancelled
  • Number of patients reached patient; patient rescheduled
  • How many were left a voice message at patient’s number (need to develop script)
  • How many were no answer; indicate number of call attempts


Here are some of the various applications and uses for Intelligent Notifications

  • Appointment
  • Visit Confirmations
  • Wellness and Preventive
  • Surveys
  • Pre-surgical reminders
  • Post-surgical follow up
  • Medication reminders