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As technology progresses, more folks are using smartphones or tablet devices in their daily lives and at work.  Ankota’s mobile app is an easy way for Attendants/Caregivers to report and track their daily visits.  Using GPS, our mobile apps can pinpoint the location of the worker and service delivery providing necessary third party verification required by many states and soon to be required nationwide due to the 21st Century Cures Act.

Keeping with Ankota’s core philosophy of flexibility, organizations have two options for mobile access.  Our two approaches include our minimal data model or in the alternative, native android or iOS apps.  Most agencies do not provide mobile phones to their workers so minimizing data usage is cortical, otherwise caregivers will wish to seek reimbursement for their phones. Our minimal data model recognizes this need in the industry with an approach that uses very little data.  

Of course, where agencies provide the phone we can offer native Android and Apple iOS apps.  Both the native apps or minimal data model app are designed to be simple tools that any caregiver in the field can use to check in and out and record services delivered.  In addition, our mobile approach supports use of our industry leading Forms Builder forms so your organization can create many types of forms needed for data capture at the point of care and deploy them immediately.