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Area Agencies on Aging are typically non-profit or quasi-governmental organizations that serve as the gate keepers to the healthcare system. Ankota can help with your Front Door group, Case Managers and Provider Operations specialists.

  • Front Door:  Ankota handles all the scheduling of assessments, mileage optimization and more for the AAA Front Door team.  Ankota eliminates missed or double-booked assessments.  Using our intelligent Notifications, the agency can significantly reduce cancellations and increase the productivity of your Assessors.
  • Managed Care Contract Compliance Management:  Staying in compliance with assessment requirements for managed care contracts is critical.  Missing an assessment timeline can cost your AAA hundreds or thousands of dollars in penalties.
  • Provider Operations:  Ankota schedules annual and biannual provider agency evaluations and helps manage complaint follow up.





Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are often the front-door into the managed care world providing service referrals and level-of-care needs assessments for Medicaid and Managed Care Programs. Based on the success of the AAA model, some AAAs are being tapped to deliver more advanced services.

Is your AAA facing challenges with any of the following?

  •  Moving from Outlook and Excel to schedule assessments in your Front Door department.
  •  Staying in compliance with managed care contracts.
  •  Seeking to offer Care Transitions programs.
  •  Gaining control of travel and mileage to save time and money.

 Do you have challenges with?

  •  Cancelled assessments.
  •  Missed assessments.
  •  Overbooked or underutilized staff.
  •  Increasing mileage reimbursement costs.


Ankota for AAAs has worked with some of the largest agencies in the country and has proven solutions for the following AAA functions:

  • Level of Care (LOC) assessments for multiple programs
  • Managed Care Programs that require Service Level Agreements (SLAs) such as 30-day dead-lines for phone assessments, 60 or 90 day face-to-face visits and annual reassessments
  • Care Transition Services managing evidence based methods for avoiding preventable readmission
  • Meals-on-wheels driver route optimizations
  • Private Pay Care Services

 Ankota also provides:

  •  Easy to use software for scheduling assessments, care transitions, private pay services, deliveries and other care delivery challenges.
  •  Simple Client Intake including online referral portal.
  • Simple and intuitive scheduling based on availability, skills and distance.
  •  A mobile app with turn by turn directions plus clock in and clock out.
  • Verification of care delivery via GPS and optional voice authentication of personnel and consumers.
  • Check lists and other clinical documentation at the point of care.