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Get Started
Get Started

Truth be told, “custom configuration” are the two dirty words in the software business.  If you are looking for new agency management software ask each vendor the following:

  •  about their ability to do customization?
  • do they typically do customization?
  • give examples of customization and configuration?
  • what is their rate per hour?
  • how long will it take?
  • Have them provide you an example of their standard specification form

We guarantee that most vendors will either try to talk you out of it, give you a large quote, or tell you that they will take your request and include it in their next update.

At Ankota we thrive on innovation and continually enhancing and improving our product.  We also know that although most agencies need to do all the same things and functions, they all have a different path and workflow to get there. 

For example, a leading dental provider called on Ankota in to help manage data capture at the point of care in 3,423 Skilled Nursing Facilities as well as scheduling, time, attendance, billing and payroll. This one-to-many approach is an important new trend in post-acute care serving to help get care where it is needed in a cost-effective manner.

Project Scope

90,000 residents

3,423 Skilled Nursing Facilities in 8 states

Over 100,000 annual transactions

Automated 28 forms at the point of care including X-Rays