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ANKOTA Care Transitions Software for Hospitals, Home Agencies, & Patients

ANKOTA Care Transitions Software system is a Home run for Hospitals, Home Agencies, and Patients

HIPAA-compliant solution provides keys for successful patient transition from hospital discharge through home care completion period

Boston, MA, USA 8 December 2014 - Ankota announced today that it has launched a care transitions software solution combatting patient readmission to treatment hospitals after discharge via successful transitional care management.  Aimed at home health, home care and geriatric care management agencies, Ankota’s Care Hub software manages the complexities of two-way HIPAA compliant communications between hospital and agency, patient scheduling and visitation tracking, standard form administration, and billing.  All software features are in accordance with the August 9th, 2013 issue from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Opinion No. 13-101, authorizing hospitals to engage outside vendors to assist in avoiding preventable readmissions by managing care transitions and helping to insure that discharge plans are followed.

According to Kenneth Accardi, President & Founder of Ankota, the health benefits and market opportunity for transitional care is significant. "5% of U.S. patients spend 50% of the health care dollars in America," he said. "On top of that, hospitals that have higher than average readmission rates are subject to hefty penalty fees.  Ankota’s care transitions software enables home agencies to establish a package of services that helps hospitals avoid readmissions, sets the agency apart as an industry leader, and aligns the agency for new patient retention after transition period completion.  It’s a win-win-win.”

Minimizing care transition complexities

Ankota’s web-based portal for hospital referrals, as well as data entry and tracking capabilities, enables the complex coordination, data capture and communication necessary for a compliant care transition agency.  Beginning pre-discharge, Ankota simplifies patient intake, accepting referrals from hospitals electronically using HIPAA compliant software, assigning a nurse or non-medical patient liaison, and scheduling a series of visits and interventions.  These include an in-hospital visit prior to discharge, home visits after discharge and follow up phone calls through transition period.  During the transition care period, Ankota software facilitates the management of patient care plans, tracks progress and milestones including insuring that patients complete a follow up visit with their primary care physician, and reports updates back to hospitals.  Ankota also automates an agency’s billing, payroll and other business aspects needed for completion and proof of successful care transition management.  With Ankota, patient care remains an agency’s focus.

Better patient care helps everyone

Successful management of health care transitions has been clearly recognized as a way to improve healthcare in the U.S.  When managed correctly, everyone wins - from hospitals avoiding readmissions and penalty fees, to home agency’s winning business that may go beyond transition, to patients who often experience better outcomes.  Ankota can help accelerate an agency to market leader status, with fast transition software implementation and low start-up costs, giving them an advantage when doctors and hospitals come looking for transition care service providers.   

According to Accardi, patient transition from hospital to home is the most sought-after care transition service.  "Every day that an individual is at home surrounded by the people and things they love, their quality of life is better and their health care costs are lower.  At Ankota, we built our software with optimization capabilities to help care providers focus their attention on patients and reduce avoidable hospitalizations.  Not only can we make a difference for hospitals, home agencies and patients, we can help reform heath care which can save hundreds of billions of dollars.”


About Ankota

Ankota provides advanced yet accessible, HIPAA-compliant software solutions for managing home care and care transitions.  We are dedicated to dramatically improving the quality, efficiency and coordination of care delivered at home.  We believe that the home care industry is a key foundation for health care reform (which we simply define as Better Care at Lower Cost).  Please learn more about Ankota’s software for private duty non-medical care and care transitions at http://www.ankota.com

For information on Care Transitions, please contact Ankota directly.

Amy Accardi

Director of Strategic Marketing and Customer Relations



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