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Ankota Launches New Self-Service Brand, Ankota Cares

For Immediate Release:  June 21, 2020

Ankota Launches New Self-Service Brand "Ankota Cares"

Boston, MA

Ankota, a leading provider of home care agency management software, announced the launch of its new self-service brand "Ankota Cares", designed for startups and small home care businesses. Customers can sign themselves up for a free 30-day trial and enjoy Ankota's powerful enterprise-grade software from $59/month ($99/month for Medicaid agencies).

"Most home care software from competitors takes months to go live, whereas Ankota usually goes live in days or weeks," explained Ankota COO Sara Moore. "For that reason, we've been happy to work with small agencies, and some of those agencies told us that the other vendors wouldn't even consider helping them." This was our reason for launching Ankota Cares.

The Ankota Cares brand has its own website. Simultaneously, the company launched a YouTube Channel and a resource called "The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Home Care Agency."

"This brand fills a serious gap in the market for small agencies," noted Ankota CEO Ken Accardi. He added that even though Ankota Cares is preconfigured for simplicity and a quick start, that customers can add the powerful features used by large agencies when they're ready. Accardi concluded by sharing his thanks to COO Sara Moore and Director of Marketing and Customer Success Jeremy Hammel for their work in creating a seamless automated on-boarding process supported by on-line help and videos.

About Ankota

The mission of Ankota is to enable the heroes who care for the elderly and disabled living at home to focus on care rather than tech . Ankota's highly customizable software offers full home care agency and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) management including office management, caregiver telephony, and an offline Mobile GPS App. Ankota believes that strong collaboration between the home care community and the healthcare system is key to achieving population health. This vision drives Ankota's innovations. Learn more at www.ankota.com  

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