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Home Care Reimbursement for increasing COVID-19 vaccinations with Burgess Harrison

Today on Home Care Heroes we hear from Burgess Harrison, the Executive Director of the National Minority Health Association (TheNMHA.org).  In an effort to increase the COVID-19 vaccination rate, TheNMHA is partnering with home care agencies to identify and encourage folks in their communities to get vaccinated.  The home care agency AND the caregiver are paid $25 per shot received by the participants they recruit.

This program is officially offered to home care agencies serving clients in California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia, but if your agency is in any of those states and other states, you can submit for folks who you recruit in other states.

The interview with Burgess explains all the details of how the program works and also contains key messages about the importance of the vaccine and success stories.

You can sign up for the program by visiting FlexForChecks.org

You can learn more about the National Minority Health Association at TheNMHA.org

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