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Masterclass in Driving Traffic to Your Home Care Website and Having Visitors Engage

In today's market, your home care website is critically important. To be effective, it needs to attract visitors and then get them to engage with you. We have two fantastic experts to tell us how to succeed: Jason Chagnon from Providentia Martketing and Kamran Nassar from AideQuest.

Key topics covered are as follows:

  • The importance and benefit of attractive both potential clients and caregivers to your website
  • How to design your site to be found on Google with Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)
  • How to keep people on your website when they get there and have them connect to you via Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

What's great about this episode is that both experts explain difficult concepts using simple language and stories.

Jason also shared that Providentia Marketing would be happy to have a free no obligation call with your agency and that if you just have a quick question, you can email him on jason@providentiamarketing.com.

Kamran Nassar has started a new company called AidQuest that helps agencies to quickly engage with website visitors (both prospective clients and caregivers) 24 hours a day. 

Home Care Heroes is produced and sponsored by Ankota - the Software for the Heroes of Home Care. We truly embrace the notion that caregivers and home care companies are heroes. Our top priorities are simplicity, caregiver retention and outstanding service. Visit us at https://www.ankota.com.

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