For HME and Respiratory Therapy Companies

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Ankota Enhances Your DME System with Route Optimization, Delivery Tracking and Specialties like Respiratory and Infusion.

Systems like Brightree, TIMS, Home Care Net, FastTrack and others are great at managing orders and inventory, but their job finishes when the delivery ticket is printed.  This is where Ankota steps in to optimize delivery routes, connect to GPS and or track procedures and signatures on mobile tablets.

Whether your team delivers HME, DME, Pharma, Enteral Feeding Supplies, or Respiratory Therapy, Ankota maximizes efficiency of health care delivery, enabling your existing team to increase capacity without increasing cost.

Key features for HME, DME and other Delivery:

  • Use the same level of sophisticated GPS turn-by-turn routing that FedEX and UPS drivers use within your HME / DME business.
  • Push the routes to mobile devices, in-vehicle GPS or use printed Route-sheets with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Reschedule deliveries when emergency orders come in or a signature is required but the patient isn't home. 
  • Special features developed for delivery planners include the simple import of delivery orders from other systems and the ability to spot-check schedules to find occasions where multiple drivers are going to the same address.

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Especially for Respiratory Therapy and other equipment with follow-up deliveries and Readings:

In addition to scheduling individual visits, Ankota allows you to optimize protocols to schedule future visits as well. For example, let's say you have a new oxygen patient. Depending on the template you design, you use Ankota to schedule the initial delivery, a follow-up phone call to ensure client satisfaction, a monthly resupply visit, and an equipment inspection and maintenance visit 8 months after initiation. You can apply this "protocol" on the date you specify and Ankota will schedule all the follow-up calls and visits automatically. In addition, those visits will be scheduled to maximize efficiency by minimizing miles. You are also able to set "appointment windows" based on the type of service that you are delivering and to set priorities between services. If winning the business for a new Oxygen or Apnea patient entails getting there first within a specific hour of arrival, Ankota can give you this competitive advantage with minimal effort from your staff.

HDM Resource Optimization
Get rid of the paper! Dramatically reduce the time it takes to plan, schedule and track HME delivery, & eliminate time consuming, manual billing/payroll processes

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